About Us

About Us

It occurred to me recently that this site has been around for almost 11 year-and-a-half, and this “About BfloBlog” hasn’t been changed in about that long.

Funny, but the original mission of BfloBlog remains the same as it was back in October of 2005: provide an outlet for intelligent sports talk for Western New Yorkers all around the country. It’s how we started, and it’s what we do today, just that a heck of a lot more people are doing it with me now by commenting and contributing.
When we started, BfloBlog was my buddy Mark and me. Mark has since disappeared (in the blog-sense), so BfloBlog is now a solo effort run by just another sports fan named Kevin.

Once upon a time, Both Mark and I had devoted our efforts (about two years in my case) to writing for a collaborative political blog. But we found more and more of our posts drifting into the realm of our hometown of Buffalo, and it’s sports teams. When we looked around the blogosphere, we realized that there wasn’t a blog out there focused solely on Buffalo sports. There were some nice Bills fansites, one good Sabres blog, and then nothing. Well, nature abhors a vacuum, so Mark and I set about filling the void.

So on October 2, 2005 we threw our first test post out there to see what would happen. Thanks to the help of a couple friends around the local Buffalo blogosphere, a couple people ended up reading us, and at months end we had been visited by the grand total of 1030 unique daily viewers. Sounds impressive, right? Well, in actuality that is about 34 people a day, and once you eliminated our wives checking in to make fun of us it really was pretty sad.
But I am proud to say that we kept at it, and today Buffalo’s “Original Sports Blog” is no longer the lone voice of the Buffalo fan in the blogosphere, and I like to think we had a hand in that in a couple cases.

Who knows where all this could lead. In an ideal world, we would both quit our full-time jobs and turn this here site into a huge cash cow, but that’s unlikely to happen. Instead, we’ll just keep writing a blog that focuses on Buffalo sports from the perspective of intelligent Buffalo sports fans (talk about an oxymoron.) And we hope you all will keep coming back.

BfloBlog is…

Buffalo’s first daily sports blog focusing on the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres along with the rest of your favorite local teams.
We’re not above dabbling in current events or pop culture, and we’ll even throw in an occasional video showing painful shots to the groin for good measure.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

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